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Harris Hotel – Mattresses for Hotels and for Homes

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July 20, 2020
harris hotel mattress

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home after a long holiday or business trip. The smell of home, the familiar hum of the refrigerator, and the access to personal items like books, Netflix and the snack stash in the pantry cupboard all amount to the glorious freedom of being at home

Sometimes, though, you’ll climb back into your bed and – after many nights’ sleep on a luxurious hotel mattress – you’ll discover that your own bed lacks the spinal support, optimised temperature and crisp quality linen that you’ve become quite fond of during your travels. 

Specially-designed mattresses for hotels and upmarket bed-and-breakfasts leave many travellers wishing to replicate their hotel sleep and comfort experience at home – and now you can. 

Mattresses for hotels are luxury beds specifically designed for the hospitality industry and the sleeping requirements of travellers of all sizes and preferences. Due to the overwhelming success and durability of these ergonomically-designed mattresses, and popular demand by those who wish to replicate their hotel sleep and comfort experience at home, these are being made available to the general public. 

What makes a hotel bed like Harris Hotel so special?

Relying on the original technology first developed in the 70’s, Harris Hotel manufacturers specialize highly durable, tried-and-tested Bonnell mattresses, but also deliver 3-, 4- and 5-star slumber experiences with a wide range of high-quality pocket spring mattresses for all sleep requirements and body types. 

The Bonnell systems have come a long way in 5 decades, and are still being used in guesthouses across South Africa. Harris Hotel’s double-tempered high coil count innerspring mattresses are notoriously durable and well-suited for young adults, children’s rooms, or your family home’s guest room. 

For those who wish to bring the comfort of 4- and 5-star hospitality home, pocket-coil mattresses provide medium to firm support, while preventing the transfer of movement between two people sleeping on the same bed. The springs inside a pocket spring bed are individually wrapped, which is what gives it the qualities that make it so comfortable. 

Harris Hotel’s linear pocket spring mattresses offer a softer sleep experience and are ideal for people with a lighter frame, as they allow deeper absorption of the natural curves of the body while still providing the support typical of the pocket spring systems. The alternative, nested pocket spring mattresses, are firmer and ideally suited to heavier-set people – especially in the middle third area of the mattress, where increased lumbar support is recommended by chiropractors. 

Additional benefits of pocket spring mattresses include:  

  • Increased durability
  • Cooler temperature for summer nights
  • A selection of pocket spring tensions, which means you can choose how firm you need your mattress to be. 
  • Pocket spring mattresses also contour to the shape of your body, reducing pressure on the hips and shoulders. This promotes healthy blood circulation and eases body stress.

Harris Hotel pocket spring mattresses are used in 5-star lodgings, but also make a fantastic option for the master bedroom in any discerning home.

For those who wish to bring the sublime comfort of hospitality home, each and every one of the high-quality Harris Hotel mattresses is manufactured to the highest standards of the hospitality industry: 

  • High-density pure latex filling offers superior comfort and durability.
  • 30 density virgin foam provides the highest density foam for the perfect balance of plush support.
  • Harris Hotel mattresses are furbished in cotton-based fabrics – imported from Europe –  which promotes increased breathability and temperature moderation. Cotton also allows for more stretch, which further alleviates pressure on the body’s natural curves. 
  • With its anti-microbial, anti-biotic and anti-septic properties, Aloe Vera infusion means that Harris Hotel beds naturally fight off dust mites, bed bugs and allergens while you sleep. 
  • Harris Hotel beds are available in standard length, or extra length.

When investing in a hotel-quality mattress, you’ll want to know that you’re getting the best value for money. Harris Hotel mattresses have been endorsed by the National Accommodation Association, as well as KWABABA – both, leading organizations in the South African hospitality trade. An even greater vote of confidence, the Harris Hotel manufacturer’s portfolio of clients for both beds and linen includes luxurious establishments like Hilton Hotels, the Protea Group, Tsogo Sun, Alpine Heath Resort, Three Cities and the Blue Marlin. 

The entire package: How do hotels make their beds so comfortable?

While we believe that a quality mattress for hospitality is critical to hotel comfort, we’ll also admit that there are various contributing factors that can turn a magnificently comfortable mattress into a magnificent night’s sleep. 

The most accomplished hoteliers in hospitality know that the key to their success lies in engaging all of the senses in an irresistible experience, whatever that experience might be – even sleep. And so the hotel suite is more than just a bedroom; it is a memorable encounter with luxury, rejuvenation, quality and tranquillity. 

Have the same encounter in your own bedroom – here are some tips on how to bring hospitality home, with Harris Hotel: 

  1. Two singles make a king. Because hotels may need to accommodate honeymooners one night, and business partners the next, they usually use two single beds to make a king bed. A special king-size quilted pad adds the crucial finishing touch to this king-configuration. 
  2. Aesthetics matter – you can match your headboard colour to your Harris Hotel bed base, with a selection of high-quality imported fabrics. 
  3. It’s not the 80’s anymore – say no to the night frill. By upholstering your base in one of Harris Hotel’s classic colours, you negate the need for heavy-duty night-frill washes and awkward night frill fittings because of bed height.
  4. Protect your Harris Hotel mattress from spills and accidents with a mattress protector – you’ll prolong your mattress lifespan and prevent odours from developing over time. 
  5. Harris Hotel produces its own line of bedroom linen, which comes in a range of classic, chic colours. 200, 300 and 400-thread count percale cotton linen possesses a smooth, matte finish, remains cool, and is breathable. What’s more, this luxurious linen is durable, withstanding wash after wash, for years to come.  
  6. A hotel-quality mattress is wasted when paired with a poor-quality pillow. And so, Harris Hotel has developed pillows and duvet inners to match the standards of their bed and mattresses. 

The sleep experience – bringing hospitality home

Sleeping in your own bed can be every bit as comfortable as your most spectacular hotel stay ever was – even more so, for being at home. Harris Hotel beds and mattresses are available to the public, along with the entire package of linen, mattress accessories, and duvet inners and pillows.

Talk to us about your one-stop sleep experience, for the best advice in choosing the right mattress, and more. 

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