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Which is better Pocket Spring, Bonnell Spring or Solid Foam mattresses?

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November 12, 2020

Time and again, we hear the question from our customers, “What is the difference between a pocket coil mattress, innerspring mattress and a solid foam mattress?”

What we really hear is, “We are tired. We’re not sleeping well, and we need your help to find the mattress we need.” The problem is universal – people are stressed and tired and looking for ways to improve their sleep rhythms for the best possible rest each and every night.

So before we get into the semantics about mattresses, let’s talk about sleep.

Here’s what science says about sleep

According to studies, one of the most prominent challenges being faced by today’s generation is the lack of deep sleep and REM sleep. These two sleep stages are critical for both physical and mental health.

Deep Sleep

During deep sleep, our body’s systems begin to slow, and our muscles relax. The core temperature drops and breathing deepens. Among many others, your body experiences the following amazing restorative benefits during deep sleep:

  1. The body accumulates energy for the next day.
  2. Injuries are healed.
  3. The body is able to fight off illnesses and rejuvenate the immune system.

REM Sleep

REM is one of the most fascinating stages of sleep and the human psyche. REM occurs at the deepest state of sleep and is the stage in which we dream. Our heart rate and blood pressure increase and our body goes into paralysis so that we don’t physically act out our dreams. According to Berkeley-based scientist and professor, Matt Walker, the most important benefits of REM are:

  1. The brain processes the day’s activities and stores it into long-term memory. Without REM sleep, we suffer from brain fog and forgetfulness.
  2. Like therapy in your sleep, the brain processes emotional experiences through dreams, which promotes healing and mental wellbeing.
  3. REM sleep improves creativity and problem-solving skills.

How Your Mattress Impacts Your Sleep Cycles

Reaching deep sleep can take up to an hour, during which time your body needs to be able to relax. The elusive REM takes much longer, and so it requires even more prolonged states of comfort. Whether sleeping on a modest single bed or one of the most opulent king mattresses, total comfort is essential. This brings us to the original question: how do I choose the best mattress for my sleep health?

If comfort is the key, we need to consider the characteristics of the pocket spring mattress (pocketed coils), the innerspring mattress (such as a Bonnell mattress), and the solid foam mattress.

Pocket Coils for Plush Support

A pocket coil mattress refers to a mattress with springs that are individually encased in a soft, resilient fabric. Each individual spring allows the different parts of your body to be supported independently. The best pocket spring mattresses will also incorporate different zones of spring tension, accommodating the body’s different zones of weight.

The pocket coils allow your hips and shoulders to sink a little deeper into the mattress, while the spine is offered sufficient cushioning for the healthiest, most comfortable sleeping position.

Additional benefits of pocket coil mattresses include:
Cooler temperatures for warm environments. According to studies, lower temperatures promote better sleep.
Durability for a bed that lasts longer, with no-turn technology.
A variety of pocket coil tensions to choose from, which means you can select how firm your mattress needs to be.
Pocket coil mattresses contour to the shape of your body. This limits pressure on the hips and shoulders, which aids blood circulation and relieves body stress.
Minimal disturbance from sleeping partners as the individually wrapped pocket coils absorb movement independently.

Pocket Coil Comfort for Lightweight Sleepers

Harris Hotel offers a range of linear pocket spring beds, which are medium-soft and offer a softer sleep surface for lighter-weight people. Ergonomic zones respond to the contours of the body and provide support for the natural curvature of the spine. The linear pocket spring mattresses absorb weight deeper. This is necessary for light people who might not exert enough pressure on a firm bed, to enjoy the full benefits of the pocket spring’s ergonomic design.

30% More Springs – Deep Slumber for Heavier People

Also on offer from Hotel Harris, nested pocket spring mattresses are more suitable for heavier people. The nested pocket springs are more tightly packed together – almost like a honeycomb – and so they provide a firmer sleeping surface that withstands weight well.

With 30% more springs, they provide fantastic extra support in the middle third of the mattress, where the hips exert more pressure. Harris Hotel nested pocket spring mattresses are also ergonomically designed so that the different zones of the body are well supported.

Innerspring Mattresses for Cost-Conscious Comfort

Another option for a good night’s sleep is the innerspring mattress or the “Bonnell system”. These mattresses are made up of rows of un-encased, tightly-interconnected springs.

While conventional innerspring mattresses offer sturdy support, they lack the ability to contour to the shape of the body. On the contrary, Harris Hotel innerspring mattresses offer both comfort and support, topped by layers of 30 density foam, latex or memory foam. The Harris Hotel range makes the latest, most evolved Bonnell mattresses accessible to those looking for comfort on a budget.

Harris Hotel Bonnell innerspring mattresses are a cooler sleep option and incredibly durable, providing surprising comfort, even though they don’t technically offer the ergonomic zones found in pocket coils. The Harris Hotel Bonnell range is well suited to young adults, children and guest rooms. These are an ideal option for the hospitality industry, due to their firmness, comfort and long-standing durability.

pocket coil mattress

The Harris Hotel Standard of Excellence

Whether considering a pocket coil or Bonnell innerspring mattress, the good news is that the entire Harris Hotel range comes with the highest quality finishes and features. Because our mattresses have been specifically designed for the competitive hospitality industry, we’ve ensured that our mattresses are exceptional.

We rely on the following to ensure high quality mattresses:

Total comfort and durability with our 30 density virgin foam, which is the highest density foam.
Layers of high grade, durable memory foam of different densities.
Treated with Aloe Vera infusion, for antibiotic and anti-microbial properties – beating dust mites, bed bugs and allergens.
Covered in imported cotton-based fabrics that breathe well, stay cool all night and optimize the ergonomics of the mattress with resilience and stretchability.
Available in extra-length.
Endorsed by the National Accommodation Association and KWABABA.
Our factory is a leading supplier to the hospitality industry, supplying beds to top establishments such as Hilton Hotel, Tsogo Sun and the Blue Marlin.

Why the Harris Hotel Range is Better than Solid Foam Mattresses

While solid foam mattresses are cheaper than pocket coil or innerspring mattresses, they are far from being the most affordable option. Solid foam lacks the durability of spring beds, and will need replacing far sooner than anticipated:

The first thing to collapse in any mattress is the foam – this is also true of solid foam mattresses, which lose their shape and integrity in a short space of time.
Foam is not as strong as steel, giving our spring mattresses an advantage over foam in terms of durability.
Solid foam mattresses have proven to be a hot sleep surface that absorbs and holds heat.
Solid foam mattresses are not breathable, and so perspiration builds up over time which has a severe impact on overall hygiene.
Quality of sleep on a solid foam mattress is incomparable to spring mattresses, leading to fatigue and body stress.

A solid foam mattress may feel like a way to save money today, but in the long run it will be a costly exercise to keep replacing. We encourage people away from solid foam, in favour of more resilient options such as the Harris Hotel range of Bonnell and pocket spring mattresses.

A Bed for Your Health

Because we understand the importance of good sleep, which comprises deep sleep, REM and dreams, we recommend mattresses that promote maximum comfort and support, as well as durability and high quality. Our Harris Hotel pocket coil and innerspring mattresses tick all the boxes, in a range of prices.

Take your sleep health into your own hands – get in touch with us, or visit our stores to find the perfect mattress for your needs.

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