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Tips To Get Rid of Insomnia – With The Right Mattress!

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January 18, 2020
tips to get rid of insomnia

Getting to sleep is easy, but staying asleep is hard!

Perhaps you’re reading this through bleary, puffy, sleep-deprived eyes, and wondering if we’re going to try to sell you a revoltingly expensive mattress in the name of a good night’s sleep. We don’t claim to have the magic solution for those who suffer sleepless nights, but we can offer some tips to get rid of insomnia, and it’s not always necessary to buy an entirely new bed.

It Might Be Your Mattress

There we said it. 

Basic Biology:
When you lay in bed for a prolonged period of time, your weight presses down on the veins and arteries that flow just beneath the skin, slowly reducing blood supply to those points of the body. The nerve cells send a message to the brain, which is interpreted as pain, which stimulates you to roll over, or move slightly. For light sleepers, this often results in waking up, experiencing aches and potentially insomnia. The ideal mattress always has minimal impact on these pressure points, although the “ideal mattress” differs from person to person.

A Pain in the Neck
Not too hard, not too soft, is the rule of thumb for those suffering neck pain. A mattress that is too soft will result in the sleeper sinking too deep and placing strain on the neck. Sleeping on a mattress that is too hard creates pressure on the shoulders and back of the head. 

Midnight Allergies
If you wake up congested or sneezing, your mattress may be causing you to have hayfever at night. This is usually the work of dust mites, and build-up of dead skin cells over time. If it’s not within the budget to buy an allergy-free mattress, consider trying a hypoallergenic mattress cover instead! Also, keep your mattress clean, to avoid unnecessary hayfever. (link to cleaning mattress article??)

A Bouncy Bed Partner
A restless sleeping partner can be a disturbance to you all night long and it not only affects your sleep but also your relationship. You don’t need that drama in your life, so you could look at a memory foam solution, which absorbs most bed movement. 

It Might Not Be Your Mattress
It’s possible that your insomnia may be related to other areas that can be addressed with lifestyle changes, including a mattress overhaul. We found some tips to get rid of insomnia, which have a higher success rate when put into practice with a new bed:

  • Don’t take your stress to bed – overthinking and worrying is the #1 sleep-killer.
  • Find ways to unwind one hour prior to bedtime. Dim lighting, reading a book, meditation… these are quiet activities that reduce mind activity and make it easier to drop off to sleep. 
  • Avoid midday naps – these can leave your brain feeling confused about when it’s the right time to sleep, and you may battle to fall asleep. 
  • Don’t eat large meals just before bed. Rather drink a small glass of warm milk before bedtime
  • Try not to drink caffeine after 15h00, and try not to exercise within 3 hours of bedtime. 
  • Implement a routine – your body creates a circadian rhythm to sleep by, and the closer you stick to routine, the better. 
  • Don’t sweat it – the more you worry about sleep, the more it eludes you.

Use our Tips to Get Rid of Insomnia
Don’t suffer another bad night. Put our tips to get rid of insomnia to use, start practising good sleep habits today, and be consistent about it for at least a week. We’d love to hear if your insomnia improves, and if you discovered any other tips that we haven’t mentioned yet – get in touch with us and share your experience! 

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