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Bedding Matters: 4 Things That Give Guests a 5 Star Bedding Experience

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Fit For Bed

December 14, 2021
5 - Star Bedding Experience

A bed is the centrepiece of a bedroom, and this is something that all 5-Star hotel owners and managers know well. That’s why, when it comes to giving their guests the 5-Star bedding experience, these establishments go the extra mile.

When you are choosing mattresses and linen, it’s important to follow the industry standards and conventions. But, if you truly want your establishment to compete with the best, then you need to think about elevating your guests’ stay by giving them a truly luxurious sleep.

Here are 4 tips from the Fit For Bed Team to give your guests a 5 – Star bedding experience.

1. Bigger (Bedding) Is Better

When it comes to comfort, the hospitality industry always thinks along the lines of royalty. Queen and king size mattresses are preferred by most establishments, as this ensures that guests never have to worry about feeling cramped. Furthermore, when paying for a star-rated sleep, a guest should never have to worry about their feet dangling off the end of the bed.

That’s why in South Africa, having an extra length mattress is an industry requirement — and our standards are in line with international regulations. If the room allows for it, always go bigger, as spaciousness is one of the key elements that sets hotel-standard beds apart

2. Not As Simple As A Plush Pillow

When someone said, “less is more,” — they weren’t talking about pillows. Typically, hospitality bedding includes two to four down pillows and two fibre-filled or sleeping pillows. This basic stack is often complemented by a couple of body or reading pillows.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts need to be able to accommodate the needs and sleeping positions of a range of guests, which is why it is imperative that establishments invest in durable, comfortable and top-quality pillows.

The quintessential 5–Star pillow should always be made from a cool fibre. This enhances support, comfort, and durability. Other popular pillow choices include latex, memory foam or gusset pillows. Whichever pillow you choose, ensure that it is hypoallergenic and that it is covered in 100% pure cotton and not polyester. As a material, pure cotton is engineered to allow for the maximum wash rate, which is typically 350 – 400 washes per linen item. Ensuring the longevity of your linen will prevent you from having to frequently replace your linen, therefore saving you money.

3. Flexibility Is Key

Giving your guests a 5 – Star experience is all about meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. The handy mattress converter is a must-have, especially if you have space limitations. Mattress converters are used to convert two free-standing beds into one king-size, without the gap and the ridge between the beds. Mattress converters have a soft, built-in pillow topper that is fitted across two beds, which seamlessly joins them. For guests, this means that two people with a platonic relationship can sleep separately if they should wish. Plus, for guests that may be cash-strapped, you give them the option of only paying for one room. For business owners, this means that you can invest in smaller sized bed and convert them if need be. With a mattress converter, you can stock your establishment with its share of king size beds, and stock up on three-quarter sized beds to accommodate a multitude of guests.

4. The 5 – Star Appearance

5-Star bedding isn’t only about conventions, it’s also about the experience of luxury — and that includes the look and feel of a bed. Part of the experience can be accomplished by layering certain linen elements to create a polished hotel bed.

    1. Mattress Protector
      To start, a mattress protector should always be included in your basic bedding build. Mattress protectors play a vital role in keeping your mattress free of stains and prevent the accumulation of dust mites, dead skin cells, and other potential allergens.
    2. Layered Sheeting
      Next, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a duvet inner sheet should be considered if you want to give guests the 5 – Star experience. Layered sheeting gives every new guest a clean and crisp bed with a professional look.
    3. Duvet
      When it comes to your duvet, consider the time of the year and the weather conditions. Matching the weight of your duvet to the time of the year is practical and will ensure that your guests are kept warm in winter or have a light and airy sleep in the summer. Of course, your duvet cover should be a pure cotton, comfortable material that tops your layered bed with a smooth, white finish. Every layer adds to the experience of luxury, and this is what distinguishes a hotel bed from a home bed.

5 Star Bedding Experience

Make Hospitality Feel Like Home with Fit For Bed

Adhering to industry standards, elevating experiences and choosing quality yet cost-effective linen all at once may seem overwhelming. But at Fit For Bed, we have everything you could possibly need to accomplish your 5-Star bedding goals, all under one roof.

Our factory manufactures for hotel groups like Hilton Hotel, Protea Hotel, Tsogo Sun, Three Cities and many more.

We are experts at building a bedding experience on all levels, and are proud distributors of Harris Hotel. Harris Hotel is proudly endorsed by both the National Accommodation Association of South Africa (NAA) and the Kwa-Zulu Natal Bed and Breakfast Association (KWABABA). Find out more about the renowned Harris hotel here.

We provide hospitality business owners and homeowners alike with convenience, comfort and more bang for your buck.

Visit Fit For Bed today or shop online, and start giving your guests a truly 5–Star bedding experience.

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