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How to find a good mattress for a heavy person

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Fit For Bed

June 7, 2024
good mattress for a heavy person

When it comes to sleep, one size does not fit all. After a long day of work or play, you might finally sink into your bed, hoping for a restful night’s sleep… But for people who weigh a little more, this might not be as easy as it should be. That’s because finding a good mattress for a heavy person often feels like an uphill battle.

Heavier-set people face a range of sleep-related challenges, but with the right knowledge and choice of mattress, heavier people can significantly improve their sleep quality and overall well-being. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect heavy-duty mattress, and get the best night of sleep possible

Finding a good mattress for a heavy person is only one challenge faced by heavier-set sleepers. People could face a number of problems leading to poor sleep quality or aches and pains in the morning.

Heavier-set people are more prone to snoring. A good mattress for a heavy person could contribute to better posture and less snoring

The personal discomforts of a heavy-set sleeper

Every human body is built differently. That’s why it makes sense that heavier people may suffer different sleeping troubles, which could have severe effects on their overall well-being. Some of the personal discomforts that heavier-set people may confront at bedtime are:

  • Increased likelihood of sleep apnea

    It’s more than just snoring – sleep apnea occurs when the flesh around your throat and tongue relaxes into your airways, obstructing your breathing. Not only does this result in being constantly woken up, all night long, but it also results in lower blood oxygen levels, which starves vital organs of this essential life element.

  • Increased chances of acid reflux

    People with bigger bodies are more likely to develop acid reflux, simply because of the weight pressing on their stomach when they lie down. Untreated acid reflux could lead to a burning throat, congested sinuses, bad breath and even tooth erosion.

  • Sleeping hot

    Our bodies naturally cool down at night, through a process called thermoregulation. It’s an important part of falling asleep, and many will find that they don’t sleep well when they’re feeling overly warm. People who have a heavier body weight tend to stay warm longer and, because more of their body surface comes into contact with their mattress, they tend to generate further heat. A good mattress for a heavy person is one that aids cooling down!

  • Lower back pain

    Without the right support, a heavier-set person could develop agonising back pain, especially in the lower back area. Mattresses that aren’t designed to support a heavy person provide inadequate lumber support, which results in the spine being poorly aligned, and incredible strain on all the muscles supporting the spine.

How the wrong mattress could make it worse

We live in a world with the technology to tailor all kinds of products to different people’s preferences and needs, and a mattress should be no exception. Finding the best mattress for a heavy person begins with understanding how the wrong mattress falls short.

  • Poor lumbar support

    Heavier-set people typically carry more weight in their waistline and shoulder areas. A mattress that isn’t designed to support increased weight in these zones will allow them to sink. This leads to uneven weight distribution, a myriad of aches and pains, and even headaches and migraines. It can also exacerbate snoring and sleep apnea.

  • Premature wear and tear

    Mattresses that aren’t manufactured to withstand the increased pressure that a heavier person places on a bed will deteriorate faster. This results in critical areas of the mattress sagging over time, which reduces comfort, as well as the edges and corners of the bed collapsing.

  • Trending textiles that are terrible for heavy sleepers

    Memory foam is all the rage – and we get it. However, for people who are heavier and prone to sleeping hotter at night, memory foam is not the ideal material for the upper layers of the mattress, as memory foam retains and amplifies heat. The result? Feeling as though you are slowly roasting as you rest.

5 Fast Tips for Heavyset Sleepers to Snooze Better

Now, let’s talk solutions. What should you do to improve sleep quality if you’re a member of the heavy-weight sleeper club? Here are some key factors to keep an eye out for:

  1. Opt for a supportive mattress designed for heavier weights to enhance comfort and spinal alignment.
  2. Avoid eating heavy meals close to bedtime to reduce discomfort and potential reflux.
  3. Create a bedtime routine, including relaxation techniques like deep breathing or gentle stretches, to signal to the body that it’s time to wind down, and cool down.
  4. Invest in breathable, moisture-wicking sleepwear to regulate body temperature and minimise discomfort during the night. Swap out those constricting PJs for something roomy and comfy.
  5. Stay active during the day to improve sleep quality. It doesn’t have to mean running a marathon! Even a leisurely stroll around the block can do wonders for your sleep, not to mention your mood.

Apart from finding a good mattress for a heavy person, living an active life can also promote better sleep at night.

Why Choose the Harris Hotel Heavy-Duty Mattress?

So, what’s the real McCoy in the world of mattresses for heavier sleepers? Harris Hotel Heavy Duty beds are the preferred choice for renowned hospitality brands across South Africa, including Three Cities, Hilton Hotels, and Tsogo Sun. Endorsed by The National Accommodation Association and The KwaZulu-Natal Bed & Breakfast Association, they embody quality and comfort trusted by industry leaders.

Here’s why the Harris Hotel Heavy Duty is the perfect solution for heavier-set people:

  1. Enhanced firmness

    Built to support 150kg per person, Harris Hotel Heavy Duty mattresses comprise 45-density latex, which makes them 50% more resilient than conventional foam mattresses. These mattresses are also designed with a reinforced middle, with posture bars crafted to provide additional lumbar support for heavier parts of the body. A double-tempered high coil-count spring system also ensures maximum ergonomic comfort. Motion isolation properties also minimise disturbances from movement, which is particularly helpful when sharing a bed with a heavy-set partner.

  2. Maximised durability

    To ensure that your mattress stands the test of time, the Harris Hotel Heavy Duty is manufactured to withstand the added pressure of supporting a heavier-set person. The underside of the mattress includes 30mm 55-density re-bonded foam, and the edges of each mattress are reinforced with a high-density foam wedge casing – no more collapsed corners. We pair the Harris Hote Heavy Duty with a specially designed base consisting of 6 legs, instead of 4 – just another reason why this is a good mattress for a heavy person.

  3. All the luxury

    Just like other Harris Hotel mattresses, the Harris Hotel Heavy Duty offers all the luxuries that you’d expect of a premium bed, built for ultimate comfort. They’re furbished in cotton stretch knit fabric that contours to the body, which ensures that no element of support is lost to rigid materials. This breathable upholstery also helps to keep heavy-set sleepers cool, while aloe vera treatment hydrates and soothes the skin and keeps potential allergens at bay.

When you’ve found a good mattress for a heavy person, you’ve found a great thing! Enjoy improved sleep and wellness, every day!

There’s a mattress for everyone at Fit for Bed

The Harris Hotel Heavy Duty mattress isn’t just a good mattress for a heavy person – it stands out as a top choice for heavier-weight individuals seeking superior support, durability, and comfort for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience.

Get in touch with a Fit for Bed mattress expert today to help you get the fitting mattress for you – there’s a mattress for anybody and everybody.

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