Swissway 300

About This Product

Suitable for up to 120 kg per person sharing.

  • 7-Zoned Sprung-loaded Foundation
  • 42 slats (per single side) for durability
  • 2 remotes for independent adjustment
  • Battery backup facility (for power outages)
  • Electro-smog Protector
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The New Generation SwissWay 300 is our most popular adjustable base. This European flexi-slat system provides independent support, with no sag or roll-together. The system can be finely tuned to perfectly match individual body contours and ease individual pressure points. With this adjustable base, you have an infinite number of ergonomic rest positions right at your fingertips for a seriously serene sleep. It is placed in an upholstered frame to give the appearance of a furniture bed, and has a choice of 8 contemporary fabrics for coordinated aesthetics. Foot and side stoppers keep the mattress firmly in place.


The single base accommodates one person with a bodyweight of up to 120kg.
The king-size base accommodates two people, each with a bodyweight of up to 120kg per person sharing.

Triple Slats

The SwissWay 300 has German engineered, super strong and highly flexible beech laminated slats which are wrapped in metal foil for maximum support and durability. These are tightly connected in groups of three to maximise the number of slats along the length. The slats are connected to pressure absorbing flexi-pads on the frame of the base. There are 42 individual slats on a single base and 84 individual slats on a king-size base.

Benefits of a Slatted Base

Individual slats allow for ventilation of the mattress and allows for it to breathe. These slats also enhance the lifespan of the mattress by acting as a sprung-loaded foundation, absorbing pressure from the mattress. The slats also continuously adjust to the body position throughout the sleep cycle to relieve pressure on the hip and shoulder zone whilst contouring to the spine to ensure optimal body alignment.

Zones of Support

This base has 7 different zones of support. In accordance with international chiropractic recommendations, the firmest support is supplied by reinforced slats in the centre of the base. There are a total of 18 slats in the centre that allow for tension/ firmness adjustment. This ensures correct alignment of the spine and provides optimum support in the lumbar area where the body needs it most. This reinforced centre additionally provides effective support when the base is in an upright position and the entire body weight is concentrated in the centre of the base. The slats in the shoulder and leg zones are softer for reduced pressure and enhanced blood circulation.

Adjustable sections

Each base has two adjustable sections. One section lifts the head, shoulder and back areas, and the other lifts the thigh, knee and foot areas. The king-size base is controlled by two separate motors to allow partners to adjust their sides independently.


The motors are German-engineered, entirely silent and TUV approved. They also have a battery back-up to allow for lowering of the base during power outages. The motor can adjust the head and shoulder area independent of the thigh, knee and foot area. These two areas can also be adjusted simultaneously

Electro-Smog Protection

Any health hazard due to electro-smog is eliminated by the inbuilt Electro-Smog Protection which ensures that the electric current is only active while the base is being adjusted.

Guarantees and Warranties

2-year Manufacturer Motor Guarantee
10-year Adjustable Base Warranty