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How it’s Made – Pocket Coil Mattresses

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Fit For Bed

July 17, 2023

As humans, we spend a large portion of our time in bed! Choosing the right mattress can be overwhelming, and one might be tempted to follow the latest trend or simply take an eeny-meeny-miny-mo tactic. However, because sleep is essential for good health, the right bed could have a significant impact on your overall well-being.

When it comes to comparing the best mattress for your nightly beauty sleep, a well-manufactured pocket coil mattress will ensure blissful and consistent rest for years to come – offering you incomparable comfort and support, with the newest technology and longest-lasting ergonomic design.

Since your mattress is truly one of the most worthwhile investments for both comfort and health, let’s explore how pocket coil mattresses are made, how they differ from other types of mattresses, and how to choose from the different pocket coil beds available.

First, what is a pocket coil mattress?

Pocket coil mattresses are made up of individual coils, wrapped (or “pocketed”) in fabric. Each one is separated from the other to allow them to move independently and hold their own weight.

These pockets are then attached in very specific arrangements to create a perfect pocket coil mattress. The coils are normally made from tempered steel, giving them the strength needed for good support and durability.

Pocket coil mattresses are also available in different firmness options and varying levels of support. This is controlled by the arrangement and number of coils and allows individuals to select a mattress that meets their unique needs – ultimately depending on a person’s weight, natural sleeping position, sleeping partner dynamics, and basic preferences.

Top 3 benefits of pocket coil mattresses

When compared to other mattresses, like the traditional Bonnell mattresses or foam mattresses, there are many benefits to pocket coil mattresses. In general, they’re highly sought after by sleepers who value a harmonious blend of support, motion isolation, and overall comfort.

They’re a hugely popular choice for those who prioritise finding a mattress that provides an optimal balance of these essential factors.

Increased Durability

  • The coil shape within pocket coil mattresses is unique to others – they’re straight cylinders, instead of the traditional hourglass, which makes them more robust.
  • Because each coil is packaged individually in fabric or foam, they bear weight well, without placing strain on the coils around them. This also prolongs the life of the mattress.
  • As they’re made from tempered steel with a better displacement of weight, pocket coil mattresses have greater durability than many other mattresses.

Thanks to the pocket coil’s reputation for being so hardwearing and resilient, these mattresses also typically have a longer warranty period.

Minimised Motion Transfer

Pocket coil mattresses are a notoriously excellent choice for couples who want to limit the disturbance caused by their partner’s movements during sleep.

What this means is that when your partner is having a restless night or making frequent trips to the bathroom, a pocket coil system ensures that their movement isn’t transferred to your side of the bed. In other words, no more feeling as though you’re out at sea every time your partner tosses or turns!

Unrivalled Ergonomic Support

The individually wrapped coils found in a pocket coil mattress offer more focused points of support, which means it bears your weight evenly.

  • Each coil responds independently to pressure or weight being applied to it. This means that one coil’s movement has minimal effect on the next one – as a result, every single coil bears weight perfectly.
  • Depending on the type of pocket coil mattress, coils are also packed in different ways. For example, some pocket coil mattresses have coils clustered in groups while others are arranged in linear rows. This offers different kinds of support, depending on your personal needs.
  • Coils can also be manufactured to offer different rigidity and strength to provide varying levels of support for different parts of the body. These are called ‘ergonomic zones’, and offer unrivalled spinal support for people of all sizes and weights.

Finding the Right Pocket Coil Mattress

Finding a the right bed begins with understanding the different types of pocket coil mattresses and how they work to support your body while you sleep.

There are two main types of pocket coil mattresses – namely, linear pocket springs and nested pocket springs. Each has its own characteristics and benefits to suit the users’ own needs.

Linear Pocket Spring Mattresses

Linear pocket springs are those with coils arranged in a linear pattern, typically in rows or columns. Each coil is individually encased in a fabric pocket, allowing them to work independently.

These linear arrangements are specially designed to provide consistent support and even weight distribution, to aid with proper spinal alignment. Linear pocket spring mattresses typically have fewer coils, making them softer, plusher and better suited for lighter-weight people.

A classic example of a linear pocket spring mattress is the Harris Hotel Visco Care. Combining the quality of a pocket coil system with memory foam, the Visco Care offers amazing relief on the body’s major pressure points, like hips and shoulders, while contouring to the natural shape of the spine, for ultimate comfort.

Nested Pocket Spring Mattresses

Nested pocket springs have a different configuration altogether. In this system, the coils are interconnected, or ‘nested’ with each other, forming a tightly-packed honeycomb arrangement. Because of their higher coil density, nested pocket spring mattresses offer a firmer level of support, and are well-suited for heavier-set people.

A good example of a nested pocket spring mattress is the Harris Hotel Latex Care, a stunning turn-free mattress that offers top sleep quality, every night. The Latex Care has been designed with firmer zones in the middle third of the mattress to provide superior lumbar support – an advanced system that is internationally endorsed by chiropractors.

At Fit for Bed, you’re spoiled for choice. Find your mattress match from our wide range of top-quality pocket coil mattresses.

Find your Mattress Match at Fit for Bed

There’s no need to make an uneducated guess when you buy your next mattress. At Fit for Bed, we help to take the overwhelm out of choosing a bed that suits your lifestyle, sleeping habits and body support needs. Allow us to help you find your mattress match – get in touch or visit a Fit for Bed store.

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